Sunday, August 15, 2010

Christmas Eve

More like Death Eve. That is right interweb, I, Aisha Ploth, will be going under for the first time tomorrow and getting my wisdom teeth out. I am more nervous then I was starting school. Luckily, I got a blessing so I am more relaxed but still.....why can't the teeth just stay in? Oh because they will ruin the work my braces have done.

In more EXCELLENT news, it has finally happened! The first gal from 262 is getting hitched! Mallory Price will be Mallory Ling in FOUR MONTHS! Yes, Mormon engagements aren't very long but honestly, a temple wedding isn't hard to plan. And even better news, Mr. Hala Ling ( the Lucky guy) is from Olympia, Washington so the wedding is going to RIGHT HERE in Seattle

Oh this fall will be crazy. The last one all together so we will have to LIVE IT UP. I just wish Kendal was around. She will be staying at my house for the wedding. Maybe we will hit up the Harry Potter exhibit?! Then four, give or take, days later I am off on my wonderful Christmas vacation!

I need to start my list of goals for Fall semester. There is so much I want to do but for now, I am going to attempt to watching Pretty Little Liars. Goodness, I adore this show!


  1. Hi! Random yes, but it is me, Aleesha, here. That girl long ago from Young Womans. I was browsing on facebook and saw your link for your blog. Upon reading your posts, I decided you should write a book. I would read it. I like your style.

    Good luck at BYU-I this semester!

  2. Can you PLEASE make a Summer 11 blog? I miss reading all about you!